Founded in September 1999 by Stephen Francis, Paul Francis, David Noel and Bruce James at Wolmer’s Boys’ School in Kingston, Jamaica, the MVP Track and Field Club was established to provide Jamaican athletes a Jamaican option for post high school track and field training. The goal then and now; to prove that Jamaican athletes, with Jamaican coaches, Jamaican facilities and Jamaican management, could be the very best in the world of Athletics.

Mission Statement

The 3 primary challenges to overcome were

  • Pursuing a course of action that had not, up to that point, achieved material international success
  • Garnering support, financial and otherwise, to achieve our stated goal
  • Convincing Jamaica that the established route of our very best high school athletes accepting athletics scholarships to universities in the United States of America was not the only option and may NOT even be the BEST option for Jamaican athletes to follow